Join Our Team

Grace boasts one of the most competitive and rewarding corporate experiences in the industry.

We are more than just a company. We are a network of people. We are…

Passionate – We enjoy what we do. We thrive on the challenges, people, and ideas we work with every day.

Supportive – We stand with our people. We foster potential by providing opportunities, resources, and mentoring. We challenge each other to stretch our abilities and achieve our aspirations.

Collaborative – Teamwork sharpens our skills and fortifies our solutions. We succeed by working as partners with our clients and each other to share our knowledge, insights, and experiences.

Diverse – We come from all academic and professional backgrounds and life experiences.

Our people are accomplished and well rounded, with diverse backgrounds and experiences. They’re also fun to work with. Our clients and colleagues value this unique mix of talent, skill, and character.

What we look for

We hire people with exceptional capability to learn new skills in four areas. Each area is critical to success in our day-to-day work.

Problem solving

Our work offers practical challenges that require real-life problem-solving skills.

Personal impact

Our people work closely with a wide range of people in their daily jobs. This calls for strong communication skills—particularly when addressing conflicting points of view. You have to be adept at building trusting relationships with clients to enlist their participation and support.


This requires tremendous energy, determination, and judgment, particularly when working with multiple stakeholders under tight deadlines.


Leading people and fostering productive teamwork are critical to success here. You need to develop excellent leadership skills to bring people together to drive positive change within organizations.