What are Modular Kitchens & Wardrobes?

Modular Kitchens & Wardrobes are made up of standard sizes of stand-alone boxes complete with carcass, shutters, baskets and handles, etc. and can be selected as per requirement and space available. One can also add on later as per needs in future.

Are the modules of standard sizes?

Modules are of standard sizes which can be selected as per the design and size of space available. We also make tailor made modules for any type of shape and size.

How is it fire proof?

The boxes are made of thermosetting, fiber reinforced, resin bonded composite sheet with support of epoxy coated steel. All these are fire resistant and fire inert.

Is it termite proof, borer proof, warping proof?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Is it long lasting?

All the items are built to last. Most of the structural items are ageless.

Can I expand my Kitchens & Wardrobes on a later date?

Yes, as the modules are of standard sizes and designs, they would be available in future too.

Can these modules support the granite slab?

Yes, they are very strong as the structure is made of steel.

Can I have moving boxes?

Yes, the boxes can be on wheels and can come out from under the slab if so desired.

What should be the ideal height of the counter slab?

To save yourself from backaches, ideally the slab height should be 32″ to 36″. Below 32″ should be a BIG NO!

How are the modules supported on the floor?

They are on adjustable stainless-steel legs. The point of contact on the floor is nylon lined for scratch free installation.

What should be the ideal height of the counter slab?

To save yourself from backaches, ideally the slab height should be 32″ to 36″. Below 32″ should be a BIG NO!

What is a PU coated shutter?

The shutters when made in wood are PU coated which makes the wooden shutters nonabsorbent to moisture. There will be no warping. It also makes the surface scratch free and stain free. This is the best coating that can be done on wood. So, this is a far superior coating than melamine coating.

Is it water resistant or water proof?

It is totally inert to water, moisture, so it is water proof.

Can I shift it when I change houses?

Since it is assembled with standard modules, you can easily shift it to any new place.

If my walls give moisture, would it affect the kitchen?

Absolutely not, as the sheet in contact with the walls is made of special non-wood material which is inert to water.

If I have slab precast can I fit these modules?

Yes, these can be easily fitted anywhere.

Do I need special labor to fit the Kitchens & Wardrobes?

No, our factory trained staff will fit it at your place free of cost.

How good are the stainless-steel accessories?

They are very bright and dimensionally stable.

How good are the telescopic channels?

They are all branded and of good quality.

What is the life of the Kitchens & Wardrobes and how much does the company guarantee?

Yes, these are warranted for one year. However, kitchens are long lasting as there is hardly anything to go wrong.

How much time would you take to make our kitchen?

Normally it takes 30 days from the date of placing confirmed order with advance payment. The site should be ready before we start production.


Is Grace door a wooden door?

The looks are wooden, the feel is wooden, the weight, sturdiness is similar to wood. But 80 % material is in compact laminate (High Pressure Laminate – HPL). The chowkhat and its molding is also in compact laminate.

How is it better than wood?

Unlike wooden door, Grace Door would not sag, bend or warp with weather change. The fit would not become tight or loose during monsoons. The finish is long lasting, is U.V. resistant, water resistant, scratch resistant, termite proof and environment friendly.

What about the door hardware?

The door comes factory fitted with the hardware finalized on order such as lock, tower bolt, door stopper, door closer, handle, door eye, door chain, etc. The prices for these are extra.

What is a modular Door?

It comprises of a factory fitted chowkhat and hinged door. The door can be taken off or hung again without unscrewing the hinges.

What about door design and finishes?

Please check with the company. New finishes and designs are continuously added.

Can I get a Jali door?

Yes. The Jali is in stainless steel.

When should I decide about Grace Door?

Before buying wood. The Grace Door with chowkhat would be installed after wall plastering and flooring. The wall putty and wall paint can be done after door installation.

Can I get a glass door?

There are many designs like half glass, full glass, French glass and decorative glass doors.

Can I trim the door bottom in future if I plan to put additional flooring like wooden, carpet etc.?

Yes, you can trim up to 25mm from the bottom.